Intel Files Dec Action for Use of the Mark Netbook

On February 25, 2009, Intel filed suit in the Northern District of California for a declaratory judgment against Psion, purported owner of U.S. Trademark Registration No. 2404976 issued on November 21, 2000 for the mark Netbook for use in connection with laptop computers. Intel contends "that the term ‘netbook’ is a widely used generic term that describes a class of affordable computing devices, much like the term ‘notebook’ or ‘ultra-mobile PC.’" Adding fuel to Intel’s fire is that Psion did not file suit against Intel and others even though it was aware this mark has been used generically by them for the past few years. Additionally, Intel alleges that Psion has not used the mark since the year 2000 because their product wasn’t successful and was discontinued. Psion did sue Google, which now disallows others to use their search engine advertising services for the term as a result of the said suit. Intel claims it is now suffering damages because of Google’s position.