Ten Questions: Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Streaming Media

Elliot Zimmerman discusses IP issues facing content creators, owners, and publishers. by Geoff Daily Click here to view article at www.streamingmedia.com February 15, 2007 The questions surrounding intellectual property are too numerous and varied to be boiled down to a list the way we’ve done with other “Ten Questions” articles in this issue. So, we sat down with Elliot Zimmerman—a Florida-based entertainment attorney who has represented clients including Aretha Franklin, jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal and others Continue reading Ten Questions: Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Streaming Media

The CyberEntertainment Lawyer

It’s no secret that all forms of entertainment have embraced and migrated to the web. Why? The internet allows you to select what, when, where, and how the new media is delivered. The present technology provides a vast new world of opportunities to those engaged in the entertainment industry, including artists, musicians, producers, actors, writers, production companies, the film industry, radio and television stations, record distributors, game designers, and many more. It was not long Continue reading The CyberEntertainment Lawyer