DVD-Jon Cracks iTunes Copy Protection

Jon Johansen aka DVD-Jon, who was acquitted in 2003 for developing and distributing DVD copy protection code in 1999, has done it again. This time he has developed a Windows interface for purchasing and decrypting songs from iTunes. Apple is in the process of preparing its response. Read the full article at CNET here. Read a realted article at CNET here.

Agence France Presse Sues Google for Copyright Infringement

Agence France Presse filed suit against Google in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on Thursday, March 17, 2005, alleging that Google includes its photos, news headlines and stories at Google.com without permission.

Programmer Contends Motorola Violates GPL

This week an open-source programmer, Harald Welte, told Motorola and 12 other companies at the CeBit trade show in Hannover, Germany, that he believes they’re using Linux in violation of the general public license that governs the software. Read the CNET article here. Welte has gone to bat for this issue before and stated he’s settled more than 25 cases so far. Additionally, he’s won two rounds in a court case against one company, Sitecom, Continue reading Programmer Contends Motorola Violates GPL