First Federal Convictions for P2P File Sharing

Two men plead guilty to violating copyrights on peer-to-peer networks, marking the first federal criminal convictions for file sharing. According to the Justice Department, William R. Trowbridge, 50, of Johnson City, N.Y., and Michael Chicoine, 47, of San Antonio, each operated an online hub that let people exchange video games, computer programs,digital music and movie files. Both were members of the Underground Network which used Direct Connect software to copy files. The Justice Department stated Continue reading First Federal Convictions for P2P File Sharing

Court Orders More Requirements for P2P Subpoenas

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision today that will stop entertainment corporations from gaining access to the names of people using peer-to-peer (P2P) networks unless the companies file lawsuits against them and furnish actual evidence of copyright infringement. Read the article here.